Male, DSH Tabby and White, DOB 09/11/2017

Hey, you wanna know why I’m called Echo? Well I can put on this really loud voice, like when I want to get your attention and stuff, which is really cool ‘cos I’ve got loads to tell you and that! Before I came to APS I did my time at the Pound and before that I was busy doing stuff… you know, going here, going there, doing this and that!! Wow, I’ve seen it all but you know what? I’m ready to chill back and take life a bit easier now. I’m not looking for any kinda home in particular, just comfy digs with some tasty grub and if you like a chat then I’m your man. You hoomans, your alright and I don’t mind the mini ones too, but do hurry up, I need a home ASAP! Get yourself down to APS as quick as ya can, I’m waiting for ya!