Female, DMH Tortie and White, DOB 28/10/2020

Meowwww!! I’m a petite girl cat, all demure and delicate looking but what I loose in stature I make up for with TORTITUDE!! Now don’t be mistaken, I’m not a naughty Tortie, I’m just confident and chatty… oh yes my friends, I have lots to say! I’m bouncy and playful, fluffy and cute and looking for the purrfect home to accommodate my energy! I don’t ask for much, just a family to call my own… and maybe a nice cosy bed of my own, oh and what about one of those cool cat tower things; you can climb them and see everything, they’re awesome… I’d quite like on of those collars with the sparkly gems on, maybe in pink, um purple actually… oh and I like the name Princess if you adopt me! Anyway, I’ll be waiting patiently for you, hurry over to APS soon!