I’m Gryff and I’m pretty sure there’s a lot more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good-looking and I plan on finding out what that is. My life ended up here after I was found wandering the ‘burbs, just a lone woof looking for greener grass. It wasn’t until I came to APS, started eating well and got a pawsonalised bubble bath that I realised my pawtential…I could be a model! I have been working hard on my “blue steel” and I think I have mastered it! Not only am I really, really good-looking… I have the pawsonality to match! I am a BIG lovebug and such a gentleman. I could be homed with a lady woof or I could have my family all to myself! I am a big, hunky boy who doesn’t really know his size but I pawmise I will learn quickly how to master “manners”.

Here’s what I need!

  • Could be homed with a female dog of similar size/energy but not necessary
  • Ongoing training (I am a strong boy)
  • Pawsonal Papawazzi