Male, DMH Tabby, DOB 20/01/2010

Good-day to you all. I wonder if you’d be so kind enough as to find me a retirement home? I don”t require much; maybe a warm bed by the fire, a window view so I can watch the world go by, oh and a couple of tasty meals a day thrown in! And do like the company of a nice human or two, maybe the older variety like myself. Whilst I’m so glad APS have provided a roof over my head, it really isn’t the place to reside in ones senior years. With this cold and very wet winter, I thank my blessings I have my exquisite coat to keep me warm! I can share your space with other cats or maybe even a dog, but a slow introduction is essential of course. Or maybe I can be the king of your castle, I certainly look the part, don’t you think? APS are open 10am – 3pm every day so come and see the true gentleman that I am.