Male, DSH Ginger and White, DOB 15/06/2014

Do you have a place for an older gentleman like me to reside at? As I approach my senior years the last thing I expected was to be homeless. The shelter is my home now but on these chilly spring nights it’s not as warm as a forever home. I image myself laid stretched out in front of a roaring log fire or picture a comfortable spot on a windowsill, my good self basking in the sunlight. I love human attention so I’d love to be part of a family with older children I can hang out with! I love watching TV! I don’t care for toys and I’m not the ‘picking up’ kind of cat but I’m happy to keep you company, especially at mealtimes!! I’m happy to live alongside fellow felines but haven’t yet been acquainted with canines so a slow introduction is essential. Do you have the companionship I yearn for in my senior years? Visit me at APS today!