Well, Hello there! My name is Lucy and I always get the BEST sleep in the shelter. Dogs barking? Gates Buzzing? Cats meowing? Doesn’t bother me, because I can’t hear it! I can’t get enough of playing, to the point where sometimes I hurt my little nose but that doesn’t slow me down. Chasing balls, playing tug-o-war, sometimes even playing smack down with another dog (I don’t like all of them though, they have to be very handsome and tolerant for me to like them). Once I finally wear myself out (or the volunteers take my toy away, no fair) I love to cuddle up and get belly rubs. I hope to find someone who is willing to get to know me and will love me for my quirkiness, it may be a long process until I am ready to go into a home but will you please be the one who does?

**Must meet with our Head dog carer and Behaviourist before adopting me **