My name is Tink, but the volunteers tend to refer to me as Tinkerbell, Tinkytot, Princess or Cheeky girl (don’t know where they get that one from!). My favourite pastimes are playing in water (the dirtier the water the better!), squeaking squeaky toys until there is no more squeak, playing tug-o-war and especially getting belly rubs. I like some male dogs, especially the ones that let me boss them around and play messy, paws going everywhere wrestling. Unfortunately, due to my ruff start to life I am very scared of people that I don’t know. My dream is to find someone who is willing to “date” me for as long as it takes for me to trust and love them. I will need ongoing training to help me trust new people but I swear, whoever chooses to take me into their heart I will reward you with affection, love and loyalty.

**Must meet with our Head dog carer and Behaviourist before adopting me **