MALE – MASTIFF X – LARGE – DOB 15.01.10 

I suppose I can give you a bit of information about myself, if you must know. My name is Hendrix and I am a big, black bear (even though they try to say I am a “dog”). I love to go on slow strolls, slow hikes, slow adventures but I would be more than happy to just sit next to you in the sun. Don’t tell any of the other dogs at the shelter but I really like playing in playgrounds and going down slides. I love teddies and I especially love when they magically explode into a million pieces, I don’t know what is more fun – watching them explode or watching the volunteers pick up all of the pieces while I lay back in my comfy bed. I am a very proud boy and will need a strong leader to make sure that I am safe. I need to be “dated”, I need to make sure I like you before I except you into my life. Will you be ready to be my Robin, and I your Batman?

**Must meet with our Head dog carer and Behaviourist before adopting me **