Female, DSH Calico, DOB 25/10/2020

Hey there, I’m looking for a home where I can exclusively be the centre of your world and your best feline friend <3

In my short life I feel like I’ve put the hard yards in, and now it’s time for things to focus on me!!

Let me take you back a few months… a friendly hooman found me struggling to feed four hungry mouths on the street. As a young Mum life was not easy!

I was rescued and given a lovely foster home where I could focus purely on bringing up my four kittens, in a safe environment… and what a great job I did – my kittens grew into strong, healthy playful kitties under the protective and watchful eye of myself, and my job was done.

Being the cute rascals that they were, it wasn’t long before they all found homes of their own, so now it is my time.

Since being I a shelter environment I have discovered I don’t like the company of other cats – they can be noisy and annoying!

I will need to be your only feline, and I am more than happy for you to focus all of your attention on me!

I am affectionate and playful and am ready to live life to the full!

I’d love you to pick me as your new companion <3

I’m waiting for you at APS today!