I..I..I..I’m Mara and I’ll try and do my best to talk about myself but I am on the shy side. I am looking for a family who will slowly get to know me to build my trust, to teach me that I don’t have to be nervous 90% of the time and that people really are good and kind. I am very sweet, love to cuddle and when I feel comfortable with you I love a belly rub. I need to slowly be introduced to new environments to build my confidence and broaden my horizons. Because I am shy and reserved, I would prefer a home without little kids running around me, I also don’t need to live with another woof – I am happy to have all the love for myself.

Here’s what I need!

  • Someone to slowly introduce me to the world
  • Ongoing socialisation
  • Lots of positive reinforcement and encouragement
  • To be a princess