Hello friends! My name is Astra and I came to APS as my previous family could not look after me anymore. When I came to APS I was quite scared, it took me a little while to warm up to new people but soon I was showing me new friends what a little pocket rocket I am! The way to my heart is through toys, especially balls! I am so good at playing fetch, I could go for hours and I bring it back and drop it at your feet everytime! Once I am comfortable with you, I am full of beans so I require an energetic home to keep me mentally stimulated and happy.  I would prefer a home with no other pets as I haven’t been socialised a lot with other animals and to be honest I would like my people to myself. As I am a little nervous, I would prefer a home with no little kids, however a family with older kids that can play with me all the time sounds so fun!

Here’s what I need;

  • No other pets
  • Active family
  • No small children
  • Slow introduction to new people to gain trust
  • Never ending supply of balls and toys