Male, DSH Black and White, DOB 07/12/2017

Hey!!! I’m a cuddly bundle of love and I need you to take me home!

Yes, that’s right, I just love you hoomans sooo much… I love to give hugs and smoochies and I most definitely want to be part of your family!!

I’m playful and bouncy, and I do love toys, especially when hoomans play with me, but I have another secret love… WATER!! Yes, that’s right, I love nothing more than splashing around in my water bowl, it’s soooo much fun!!

Soooo, I need a relaxed family, who love to play, who love snuggles and also love to have fun, fun, FUN!

I haven’t had too much exposure to four-legged friends (if you have them) but that sounds like it could be kind of cool, so I’m keen to give it a go (with a slow introduction of course!).

So what are you waiting for?

Hurry on down to APS today, I’m super excited to meet you!