Howdy friends! You may remember my big smile from social media, it’s hard to forget! I came to APS in a horrendous condition… I was malnourished, lots of old wounds, had lumps and bumps, missing teeth and what’s left of my teeth are worn down and I am covered in concerning scars. Despite being so neglected, I am such a happy-go-lucky boy who loves getting lots of attention and affection. I need guidance on how to appropriately act around the hoomans as I have never experienced softness, but I am getting much better now that I’m used to it. I am a senior gentleman at 10 years young and ready for my retirement! I can be a bit boisterous so I need a home without little children and I may be able to be homed with a calm female dog of similar age, but this is not necessary.


Here’s what I need!

  • General training to learn basic manners
  • Lots of love and affection that he has missed out on
  • May need ongoing arthritis medications due to being a big old boy
  • Could be homed with a calm older female of similar size but not necessary
  • No children
  • No cats