Hi everyone my name is Isabelle and I am here to tell you a little bit about myself! I’m a big gal who is looking for an experienced, preferably female owner as I am more scared of men. I am afraid of new people, and I need a home who can slowly get to know me before taking me home. I need a pet-free home, minimal exercise but a lot of love and cuddles. As I am not good with new people, I need a home who doesn’t get a lot of visitors and someone willing to slowly work on my confidence. Once I know and trust you, I am the most affectionate shadow you will ever have!


Here’s what I need!

  • Experienced (in large breeds and/or difficult dogs) owner, preferably female
  • Quiet home with minimal visitors
  • Ongoing training
  • No children
  • No other pets
  • Must be “dated”
  • Adoption in consultation with our Behaviourist