HELLLOOOOOOOO, HI, HOWDY, AHOY, HEY! I AM NIGEL AND I AM SO EXCITED! Want to know why I am excited? Well… I LOVE YOU! Wait I should probably hold back, seem mysterious etc etc… But that’s not fun and I love fun. Okay so a bit about me, I am an ultra-loving, bouncy, playful, excitable young man who loves people! I want to be around people alllll the time, some may call it needy.. I call it love. I would love to have a home where someone is home more often than not so I can be with them, I could be homed with another dog as long as they can put up with my craziness. Maybe a woof that can have lots of fun and playtime, but that can also teach me that there is an “off” switch (sounds like a weird concept, who doesn’t love to be crazy all the time?!). I love a good cuddle, so I pawmise I won’t be running around aaallll the time and that I will sneak onto your lap for some loving (I can fit, I swears it!). I need an energetic home that can take me on long walks/runs, even on adventures like hiking! Being young, I can’t wait to learn new tricks and manners, I need you to be fully committed to making me the goodest boy EVER!

Here’s what I need!
• Could be homed with another dog of similar energy
• No cats
• Preferably someone home more often than not or willing to commit to training
• Energetic family
• Dedication to training