Hello! My name is Blaze, handsome man aren’t I? I came from a Local Pound with not having the best start to life in my previous home. I arrived at APS quite scared with a lot of sores all over my face, they have healed but left some scars but that’s ok, my smile will distract you from them! I am a big strong boy, so I’m looking for someone experienced in large breeds who can also build my confidence by giving me structure and boundaries. I can be a little timid with new people to start off with, but I promise I will give you unconditional love once you get to know me! Please come and see me, I look forward to meeting you.

Here’s what I need!

  • Experienced Owner
  • No other pets
  • No small children
  • Ongoing training
  • Relatively quiet home as I am scared of sudden movements/loud noises

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