Hello world! I know what you’re thinking, here we go… another brindle mixed breed! Well I’m here to tell you brindle is the new black! I have a award winning smile that will melt your heart and beautiful brown eyes that will then steal it. I’m a bit of an old soul, I love nothing more than to curl up on your lap (I swear, I can fit! I will make myself fit!) or rest my head on you for gentle snuggles. When I’m not demanding cuddles (and I demand them alot), I can let my inner wild child shine through playtime… I even have a racing stripe that goes all the way down my back! I could have a home with a doggy sister of similar age/temperament and I need someone who can work on my lead etiquette as sometimes my racing stripe kicks in and I can be very strong!

Here’s what I need!

  • Could be homed with a similar energy female
  • Ongoing Training (especially lead work)
  • Would benefit from someone being home more often than not