Female, DSH Black and White, DOB 19/01/2020

Shhhh… I’m a very shy girl looking for a quiet place to call my own. I was rescued off the streets as a pregnant young Mum. APS found me a nice foster home to give birth in and I did my best to raise two young kittens, being barely older than a kitten myself. My babies both found their forever homes but nearly six months later, I’m still waiting for someone to pick me as their girl. Sometimes I can get a little confused when humans show me kindness, sometimes I can lash out… I’m still learning that humans can be kind too. I would be best living in a child free home, where there are no expectations placed on me. I hope you’ll be patient and let me come out of my shell in my own time. I know, given time I can be your perfect, sweetest feline companion. I’d love you to give me the chance of a forever home, I’m waiting for you at APS today.