Male, DSH Ginger and White, DOB 23/02/2018

Hey y’all! Hornbi is my name and I’m looking for a permanent place to call home. So what do you need to know? Obviously I’m extremely handsome (well, that goes without saying!) and I’m very friendly, some would say a little bit scatty but it’s been a bit hard not having a proper family and a regular home. I know once I’m settled, I’ll be much happier, I don’t want to roam anymore. The nights are getting longer now so maybe you have a warm place by the fire, somewhere I can snuggle up and feel safe and loved, I don’t want for much. I’m not sure how I feel about any other pets you may have, but I’m sure with a slow introduction we could be just fine. I’d love for you to come and meet me in person, I’m at APS waiting for you!