Male, DSH Tabby and White, DOB 23/06/2015

Hi, are you looking for a strapping tabby (and white) boy, like myself? Who is smoochy and affectionate and just loves to be around people? Yes?! Well, you may just have struck gold, ‘cos I’m here!! I haven’t been very successful at finding a permanent home so far; it’s not my fault, just circumstances, I guess I’m just not very lucky. I’m hoping my luck will change this year; that I will find the right person to take me home and care for me, like I will care for them. I don’t require much, just a comfortable bed, yummy food and maybe an outdoor enclosure as I do enjoy the sunshine and breeze on my back (and it will keep me safe from outside dangers like cars and snakes). I’m comfortable in the company of other cats too so how about considering me as your next feline companion? Come say hello, at APS today!