HELLLLOOOOOOOOO! I’m Chester, the resident APS cray cray boy! Firstly, I use my pretty boy good looks to lure in unsuspecting volunteers into my kennel, “aww he’s so cute!” they all say as they open my kennel gate as I sit there like a good boy waiting for them to come in and then BAM! Over excitement takes over and it’s on! Apparently I can’t control myself as I get excited – I jump, I mouth, I LOVE playing with shoelaces and playing tug-o-war with the lead. Aside from my cheeky antics, I am loving, sweet and great with other dogs. I need a family who can give me structure, training and guidance, I aim to please so I would thrive on this! Don’t let my pretty face fool you, I will test your boundaries and maybe even make you want to pull your hair out at times but I promise, if you commit to my training I will flourish into the good boy I know I can be!

Here’s what I need!

  • I would love another dog to play with
  • No young children due to my lack of training
  • Strict training and boundaries
  • Lots of exercise and socialization to calm my mind

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