Hey there, I’m Matilda! I came to the APS as a very, very scared and shut down girl, I have since begun to experience what love is and because of this I have come out of my shell and showed my incredibly cheeky pawsonality! The first and most important thing you need to know about me is… BALLS. ARE. LIFE! You want to win my heart? Bring balls – I don’t mind what type, Plastic, Tennis, Squeaky the list goes on… I don’t discriminate!. Aside from balls, I love to cuddle with the people I trust and get as close to them as possible! I need someone willing to “date” me, as I am still learning to trust new humans. This is something that my future family will need to take into consideration as it may take me a while to get to know new people. Because of being scared and untrusting of certain people, I need a quiet home with no children so my pawrents can focus on gradually socializing me and building my confidence.

Here’s what I need!

  • To be dated, I will need to get to know you before I go home
  • Endless supply of balls
  • No cats
  • No children
  • Ongoing training and socialization