Male, DSH Black, DOB 18/06/2018

Yo! Binx here! Looking for my kinda people to take me home. So, wanna know what I’m looking for? A home where my peeps take me seriously, don’t get me wrong, I’m an affectionate guy but when I’ve had enough I’ll definitely let you know! I might be a bit too much for the little people so the grown-up hoomans are more my preference. I’m a big fan of food and comfort and I’m quite a chatty man, so I’ll definitely let you know when I’m needing something. I’m not a fan of my fellow felines and I haven’t had any interactions with those canines so if you do have them, be sure to introduce us slowly! So, if my blistering good looks have caught your eye and you fit my match then hurry down to APS today, I can’t wait to meet ya!