Male, Chocolate Ragdoll, DOB 16/08/16

Well, goodness me, who would have thought a handsome fella like me would still be looking for a fur-ever home!  Life has not been easy!  I have done my time on the streets and some of the other dudes out there are really not friendly.  I got into a few fights and as a result I’m now FIV+. Don’t be put off though, it just means I need to be a strictly indoor only cat (unless you have a secure cat run), to protect my immune system and to stop me from getting into anymore fights where I could potentially pass on the virus.  If you have other feline friends in your life, don’t forget to introduce us very slowly.  FIV+ can only be passed onto other cats via a deep bite.  Aside from that, what can I tell you about myself?  Well, I’m a big softy really!  I’m affectionate and at four years old I just want to enjoy the simple things in life now.  A big soft, warm bed and some tasty food definitely wouldn’t go amiss!  I really hope I haven’t missed out on finding my special human.  Could it be you? I’d love you to come and meet me at APS today!