Male, DMH Tabby and White, 17/05/17

Yo Brother (and Sisters)! I’m Kennedy and I’m a pretty streetwise cat, or at least I used to be. I’m FIV+ now so I need to be a strictly indoor cat from now on (unless you have a secure outdoor enclosure). Being FIV+ doesn’t stop me from living a normal healthy life, it just means you might have to keep an extra eye on me to make sure I stay healthy and handsome! I’m very friendly but I don’t like to be over-fussed, I might give you a playful bite when I’ve had enough! I think I might be the best match for a family with older kids or a couple or maybe even as your feline companion cat. If I am introduced to other cats, it would be best that they are also FIV+ too. So, think I’d be your kinda guy? Why not make an appointment to visit me today, I’d love to meet you!