How do you do, I am Maya and it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance! I come from a country pound, but I knew deep down in my heart I was made for the big city life! I am a delicate little flower when I want to be, but sometimes my country roots shine through and I am not the delicate flower I pretend to be! For example, I like to keep the volunteers entertained by pooping right in the middle of my bed (I am a very good aim) and then I have SO MUCH FUN putting my toys in it, and then playing with them. Don’t worry though, I have had sleepovers at volunteers houses and it is only a kennel habit. I really love people, I would love a family who allows me to be their shadow and their best friend. I can be a little nervous when first meeting dogs so a slow introduction is a must for me! I promise if you commit to training me out of my puppy antics, I will be the best girl you will ever know! Ideally I would live with a furbrother.