I’m Kacey, it is lovely to meet you all! This is so exciting, I love talking about myself! Ok where do I start? Well, my mother and father fell in love and…just kidding I’ll start from now! I am a very sweet, cuddly, affection, perfect, angelic, energetic, athletic, modelesque princess who need to have a royal family to call my own. People call me the “supawmodel” of APS, which I obviously agree with. I like things my way, I am a princess afterall. “apparently” I can be a little too “extravagant” when I get excited, so I may need my royal family to teach me how to act like a lady. I adore people, love handsome furgentlemen who are of the same caliber that I am (similar age, size, good looks etc). Anyway, I really shouldn’t have to sell myself anymore… I know you are all already sold. Form a line please, lets act civil I know you all need me in your lives!