G’day, Gavin’s the name – playin’s the game. You could also call me Gazza, Gazzo, or Gav, as long long as you have treats I’ll come to whatever. As you can imagine, I’m just a young bloke who likes to live on the wild side and needs someone to tame me and allow me to let out my inner soft side. Deep down, I am a gentle soul who just has grown up on the wrong side of the tracks. Not to be soppy, but I’m not really coping in the kennel environment and I need to find me’self a home ASAP. I do like the pretty young furgirls, I think it would be pretty cool to have a fur Mrs’ to keep me in my place. I `don’t like those weird little things that “meow” so I need a home without them. I have recently show that when I loves my people, I don’t like ANY other person to go near them… unfortunately this means I need an experienced home to teach me manners and to work through my issues. Hope to make your acquaintance soon!

*must consult with our behaviourist before adoption*