HOWDY FRIENDS! My name is Beau, but you may call me Mr Cutiepie. I am a full of life, lanky, boisterous pup who will keep everyone on their toes! Naughty is my middle name (Beau ‘Naughty’ Cutiepie) and I do love to live up to it, whether it be jumping around going cray cray or playing and nibbling on your shoelaces. I can be a good boy though (only when I want to) so there is certainly potential for me to grow into a mostly well behaved man. Naughty will always be my middle name though! Having a fursibling is a must as it will help to keep me entertained while teaching me how to dog. I can’t wait to meet my new family soon!

~ Needs ongoing training and socialisation
~ Must be homed with another dog
~ Extra lanky for supercharged zoomies