HELLOOOOOOOoooO!! I am the mighty Spike, here to rescue you from your boring life and add a little spice and naughtiness to your day! I have been labelled as “young, dumb and full of fun”, called many names such as “handsome man”, “CALM DOWN”, “STOP IT”, “ENOUGH”, “NO OPEN MOUTH KISSES”, and my personal favourite “LET GO OF THE MOP”. I am not for the faint hearted, apparently some people think that jumping up and trying to climb someone to play is unacceptable… I beg to differ. I’m not going to lie, I am an absolute monster but can you really say no to my handsome smoosh? I mean, look how good looking I am, you might even say I am good looking enough to get away with murder (specifically, mop murder). Aside from the cheekiness, I have a lot of potential as I am only a young lad and have a lot of life and love to give. I need someone who is willing to be consistent with my training, laugh at my antics and love me for who I am. Will you be that special person?