Hello!! I’m Archer, I thought you might like to get to know the real me – not the big ol’ hunk of handsome you may see in my photo. I came in from the pound, so while my friends at the APS don’t know my past I have surely showed them the friendly, cheeky and boisterous man I am! I have not had much training in my short couple of years in this world, so I would need someone who has experience with large (and maybe sometimes awkward and lanky, unknowing of my size) breeds. When I am not playing, jumping around or playing “catch me if you can” with the volunteers, I like to pretend to be a lap dog and sit on everyone that will allow me. I haven’t had much experiences with these weird “lead” thingos, apparently I am meant to not pull everyone along and that I am not meant to prove my strength…who would have thought? My friends say I need to learn lead etiquette to be a good boy. I may even be able to have a doggy sister to keep me entertained, but I do still need to learn doggy manners…or perhaps even a human little brother or sister! I am very gentle with kids. See you soon!