Hello! I’m Billy. I came to APS in a pretty bad way… I was skin and bone, losing my fur and lumps and bumps all over my body. But not to worry! I am getting better every single day and I am looovvviinnnggg all the attention I am getting from the APS angels! Despite my rough path that led me to the APS, I am still a happy and loving boy who appreciates cuddles and belly rubs. I am such a good boy, possibly even the goodest! I enjoy being around other dogs, I am great on a lead (though the world is slightly scary, I just need to learn a little bit more confidence). I know for a fact I deserve a loving family, where I can cuddle up to keep each other warm on winter nights, watching movies with my loved ones and enjoying the finer things in life. I still need some extra TLC and I am hoping to find a nice warm home to mend and thrive in.