MALE – ROTTI X – LARGE – DOB 08/08/2009

Hello, Cuda here. I am starting to settle in to kennel life but it is quite the adjustment for me, you see I can from a loving home that I spent my whole life in. Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances I needed to be taken in by the APS, my family were heartbroken but it’s ok, I’m a strong old boy! I am a very social boy, could be homed with a doggy fursister and I grew up my whole life around kids. I would love a house where I can spend my days snuggled up on the cough with my family, go for walkies, have lots of playtime and did I already say I would love lots of snuggles? I love snuggles. You may also notice I am slightly cross eyed… the APS angels think that it just makes me the most precious man and enhances my character! I hope to steal your heart soon.