Hello, I’m Nero. I came in from the pound pretty nervous of new people. I hadn’t experienced much in my short 2 years, there is a big, wide world out there that I never knew of! Because I am a bit nervous of new people, I do suffer from what they call “little dog syndrome”, I mean everyone is much bigger than I am so it takes me a little time to be comfortable. Once I get to know you, I come out of my shell and show my cheeky personality. I love to crawl onto your lap for cuddles and kisses and love to be reassured that I am a good boy. I would love someone who is willing to work with my lack of confidence, to learn that I can love everybody and to teach me shine bright like the little gem I am. I would prefer someone home more often than not, I don’t like when I am left alone and will tell everyone that I don’t like it. I would like to be dated before I come home with you so that we can start our blossoming relationship with someone I know.