Hello! It’s day 2 of being at the APS, so I am just settling in and getting into routine. So, you want to know a little bit about me? Well, where do I start. If you were distracted by my pretty face and didn’t notice my name, I’m Ebony and I am about 18 months old. Even though I am a baby myself, I have already had pups in the past but the kind people at the APS said I don’t have to do that again. I like to think of myself as a pocket sized Rotti, maybe I can make my own breed name “Funsized Rottweiler”! I haven’t completely come out of my shell yet but I am giving the volunteers little snippets of my personality (I couldn’t help but show them my cuddly and affectionate side). At the moment, sudden movements and loud noises are still a little scary but with encouragement and TLC I will become brave! Maybe I would like a doggy brother to teach me, as long as we go slow. I can’t wait for my furever home!