Hi there! I’m Ginger, you may have seen my story – I’ve become pretty famous around here. You see, the night before Good Friday, I was tied up to the fence at the APS. I had a tight chain around my neck securing me to the fence. Lucky for me, a neighbour saw me and two APS angels came to my rescue. Oh I was so happy to see them! They eventually got the chain off from around my neck and took me into the safety of the shelter. I had no microchip and no details were left about me, so that’s how I got my beautiful name (suits me, don’t cha think?). I am a very smoochy girl, love a good cuddle and would enjoy long walks on the beach (to be honest, I would definitely be partial to some fish and chips at sunset!). What can I say, I was born to be a lady of leisure! I already have a list of people who want to give me a loving home. The APS angels will make sure that I get the best home, one that I deserve. one that I deserve