KELPIE X,  Male, Medium, DOB 01/01/07

Good day, my name is Joseph. You may remember me, I have been with the APS before. I am a delightful older gentleman who enjoys the finer things in life such as teddies and balls. I love my teddies in particular, they calm me down when I get scared. I love to carry them around everywhere I go and show them off to everyone. Loud noises scare me a lot, especially thunderstorms… they are terrifying! I would love a home that can keep me safe and protected, teach me confidence and can be home with me more often than not. I love to play, you would never guess that I am 11! I age very well, hardly any grey hairs in sight! Not bad for an old fella if I do say so myself. Would you be open to meeting me and helping me to cope with my nerves?