Male, Mastiff/Great Dane X, Extra Large, DOB: 01/11/2013

Yeah, Yeah, I know – I’ve heard it all before, “that’s not a dog that’s a horse”. “I like big mutts and I cannot lie”. The names Harley and no, I am not a horse. I enjoy lazing around, soaking up the rays and enjoying any attention I can get. I am a very large dog, so I’ll need someone experienced and strong to be able to hold me. I don’t really know my size so you can guarantee I will try and fit on your lap, lean against you and put my big head where I probably shouldn’t (my head is taller than tables so that’s not my fault!). I would love a couch to steal and call my own, stretch out on a big bed and take up aaalllll the room (don’t worry, I’ll leave you a little corner!