MALE – CORGI X – SMALL – 17/07/17

Hi. I’m Pichael. I know what you are going to say, “what a cute little boy, aren’t you just a little sweet cupcake! goo goo, gah gah, blah, blah, blah!”. Well, let me tell you! That ain’t the case, I may be small in stature but trust me, that is NOT my personality! I like to think of myself as a body guard that was accidentally given the body that clearly didn’t suit, I would like to have a chat with who is in charge of the sizing department of the dog world! I need a family who likes a challenge, if they take me on I will repay them (only if they are worthy) with love and affection. I can be a lovely boy, super playful and sweet. I don’t like strangers when I am with my fam’ so I need someone who can work on this and teach me I don’t need to be on body guard mode all the time. Because of my pawsonality I need an older family with no little kids. Come in and ‘dopt me, if you dare!