Hello world! It’s me, your boy Johnson! I’m the new king doggo on the block (or so I like to think, anyway!) and I’m already breakin’ hearts left right and centre! I am confident, young, outgoing and love to be the centre of attention in any scenario. Tug-o-war is the funnest game out, I like to show off my handsome muscles as I playfully dislocate your shoulder whilst tugging…I’m just kidding! I am very strong though, got me some strong muscles that I like to use to my advantage, because of this I will need someone who is confident to show me how to be a good boy and to always use my manners that I have deep down. Due to my lack of training, I would be better suited to a home without kiddos and a home that is fun and energetic. Lookin’ forward to breaking your heart with my ruggedly handsome good looks soon!