Male, DMH Ginger and white,DOB 12/10/12
Hey! My name is Spice. The volunteers at APS all tell me what a handsome boy I am and i guess they are right. You might notice though that i have a face full of character and one that shows the generally hard life i have had. My torn ears tell the story of too many fights, my enormous chipmunk cheeks show that I have only just been sterilized and my wonky left eye – well know is really sure what happened there. I am off to see someone soon who will help the vets at APS decide what to do to help my eye.
I did test positive to FIV, so will need to be kept indoors, which is just fine with me (as long as there is someone to smooch) and I need to be the only cat or with other FIV positive cats.
Please come meet me – I love to have company and I have a very confident and friendly nature.