Hi there! My name is Coco, pretty name isn’t it? I much prefer it than my old name – “Dog”. I was brought to the gate of the APS, my owners didn’t want me anymore. I guess I was too much for them, but I’m just a pup with no training, y’know? I was pretty scared, I didn’t know what to do – half of me wanted to hide behind the APS angels in an effort to say “please take me, I promise I’ll be good” but then half of me was scared of the unknown.  Oh boy, have I had a blast so far! I never knew it was possible to be able to have so many cuddles per day! I love cuddles, they are probably my most favourite thing. I also love walkies, although I do get so excited that I have to smell EVERYTHING and zigzag all over the place – I just have to learn that I’m allowed take my time and cruise along. Being a working dog, I’m a smart little cookie, it would be so cool to have a family that let’s me be me and gives me lots of exercise, stimulation and training. I could even learn agility…the possibilities are endless now that I have a bright future ahead of me! Anyhoo, I’d love to meet you and give you all the cuddles your heart desires!